Covid 19

Kickstarted just as help during Covid, we now aim to never stop our work to create a fairly prosperous world for each group to thrive in society. For this Mathrubumi is highly committed to not the welfare of society but to also make the non-profit sector stronger. To achieve this ultimate goal of ours, we look to work with groups and individuals that share the same ideology as us. Becoming a helpline for the people in need of resources, we are also focused to bridge the gap between the people looking to help others and people looking for help from others. For the world, we pray and work each day to see each society have the resources they desire for and be equally developed in each aspect!

  1. We were able to coordinate with social worker Ms Manohari from Gramdeep Mandala and were able to donate meals three times a day in kovvali village for COVID effected families.
  2. Sent PPE supplies to Ms Manohari to be distributed among the families in the Kovvali village and medical facilities.
  3. Procured 32 oxygen concentrators during peak COVID demand from USA and were able to serve patients discharging from hospitals in Hyderabad, India but still in need of 5/10 L oxygen therapy at home. We were able to lend them oxygen concentrators for couple of weeks before they got better.
  4. 15 hospital grade oxygen cylinders were procured and donated to Maa Sharada Hospital during severe shortage and crisis.
  5. PPE supplies and hand sanitizers were donated to TTD to be disturbed among the staff and volunteers.
  6. Supplied essential grocercies to Rampachodavaram tribal area for 1 month during COVID lockdown in coordination with Sri Ramakrishana Mutt.
  7. Donated Oxygen Concentrators to Rural Primary Health Care Centers.
  8. Donated 2 Oxygen Concentrators to ASRAM Hospitals, Eluru, AndhraPradesh

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