Tribal School

Mamillabanda village, Chintoor Mandal (Rural), Andhra Pradesh,India

We are privileged to adopt and develop a tribal boarding bridge school, located in the remote forest area on the Hill tops of Yedugurallapalli, Chintoor Mandal,  Andhra Pradesh. These tribal hamlets are devoid of basic needs like transportation, electricity, water, sanitation, health care and education. Only mode of transportation is by rough terrain walk through the thick forest for over an hour to get to any basic needs. Tribals living here are leading substandard life and we believe that educatiuon has that transformative power to bring communities out of generational proverty to a life of dignity.

We have many goals to achieve to improve their lifestyle from substandards to normal basic living. 


  • Built infrastructure at school by bringing electricity through solar panels.
  • Made water available at campus by pumping from the source (1.6 Kms away) using solar generated water pumps.
    • Water is stored in tanks and also provided basic plumbing for kitchen and showers.
  • Introduced balanced diet with healthy meals, fruits and vegetables thus improving kids nourishment.
  • Initiated a joyful learning education curriculum focusing on language learning skills and value-based skill developments.
  • Provided basic clothing & school uniforms to students and supporting staff.
  • Improve kids health by providing Multivitamins, Iron, and calcium supplements.

Under Works

  • Facilitate Health camps and perform thorough medical investigations.
  • Develop a pharmacy at school to support any medical emergencies for all the people of nearby tribal hamlets.
  • Develop a farming model on the top of the hills for growing leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Prevention and Eradication of Malaria.

Service to humanity is service to God.

We are looking for your helping hand in gifting them a bright future. Construction progress slides :

Tribal people especially children and women often suffer from frequent illness due to nutrition deficiency. Access to basic Primary Health care is a luxury. Pregnant women are often carried by helping shoulders for 50- 60 miles to reach nearby hospital and most of the times end up delivering baby before reaching the hospital in most unhygienic conditions.

Tribals living here doesn’t have access to fruits, vegetables and to any dairy products including Milk. Most of them are lost to Malarial fever as they don’t have access to basic health care. The average Blood Hemoglobin for the kids living here is at 6-7 vs 13. Though the kids are smart and intelligent they get easily sick with fevers and become prey to frequent Malaria/Dengue.

Your kind donations will help us bring joy and life to Tribal kids.