We aim to uplift the economically weaker sections and neglected groups of the
society by strengthening the non-profit sector as well.

We at Mathrubhumi believe in engaging the community and build upon the power of volunteering, especially from our youth team. Those who learn the art and science of engaging volunteers effectively are able to create sustainable programs and lifelong partnership of supportWe love working with young people because their energy, creativity and enthusiasm inspires us and fuel our passions. Our young volunteers are our driving force, partners, and biggest advocates of our work. We are always looking for volunteers who believe in our cause.

Srilalitha Lanka

Youth Program Director. UTSA Student (Bachelor of Science), San Antonio TX

I am so grateful to be part of an amazing organization like Mathrubhumi who supports underprivileged communities. I feel so blessed to get an opportunity to work with other members who are selflessly driven and strongly committed towards helping those in need. I am very excited to be part of Mathrubhumi and will always chreish this winderful experience!

Adhishree Chidambaram

Youth Program Director. Senior at Health Careers High School, San Antonio, TX

I feel so fortunate to be a part of an organization as wonderful as Mathrubhumi because it truly opens my world of privilege and showed me the happiness that one’s work can bring to others. I’m very grateful to be a part of an organization that is making an impact on people and their lives. Being surrounded by highly motivated and service oriented adults has encouraged me to take action to not only help our immediate surroundings but also our global community.

Srilaasya Lanka

Youth Program Co-Ordinator. Freshman at Health Careers High School, San Antonio, TX

I an tremendously honored to be part of Mathrubhumi, a great association committed to supporting people in need. Seeing adults who are willing to help others has had a profound impact on me, inspiring me to want to help others as well. Being a part of this organization will be a memorable journey I am looking forward to.

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